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Black review

Not the balls-out explodaganza we were promised, but still intense


  • Big
  • plentiful explosions
  • Intense firefights with waves of baddies
  • Guns behave like the real thing


  • No multiplayer
  • Short story mode
  • Few places can be torn apart

Forget everything you think you know about Black. It isn't to first-person shooters what Burnout is to racing games. It's not an over-the-top explodaganza that lets you destroy anything and everything you see. Hell, you can't even tear chunks out of most of its walls.

What it is, though, is a fast-paced shooter that takes long, loving looks at its guns as often as possible. There's a ton of pre-designated stuff to destroy (plenty of it explosive) and the intensity ramps way up in later levels, but anyone who just wants to go nuts and level everything will come away disappointed. That said, there's a lot in here to like.

Long hailed as "gun porn," Black definitely lives up to the term. Although players carry just two guns at a time, each one is modeled to look and perform as close to the real thing as current-generation graphics will allow. Uzis and AK-47s can be deadly accurate or just spray bullets wildly, depending on how you squeeze the trigger. Rocket launchers and grenades create huge, debris-spraying explosions, and everything has a visceral kick when fired.

More Info

DescriptionThis definitely lives up to the term 'gun porn.'
PlatformXbox, PS2
US censor ratingMature
Release date28 February 2006 (US), 24 February 2006 (UK)