Best Shots review - Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman #2 works when it focuses on the team-up

Much like the first half of this story, Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman #2 (opens in new tab) begins with Jon Kent waking up. Only this time, the scene unfolds within the Fortress of Solitude and he's not quite sure how he got there. As he comes back to his senses, he finds Yara Flor and she explains to him how he passed out, so she brought him here.

Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman #2 credits

Written by Dan Watters
Art by Leila Del Duca and Nick Filardi
Lettered by Tom Napolitano
Published by DC
'Rama Rating: 7 out of 10

Dan Watters' script is a stronger one than the previous issue's, precisely because it has more time for the central duo to share scenes and let these interactions further define their individual dynamics. They're both young(er) heroes trying to work out how to act in their roles and each of them has their own way of thinking. Of course, with an imminent race and a challenge from the sun, the pair will need to find a way to work together. 

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The book moves through its plot with an energetic pace, with the youthful energy which radiates from its two leads. Leila Del Duca's faces still don't accurately capture the young heroes as would be ideal, though their body language for the two is strong. In particular, she nails Yara's swagger. Nick Filardi also does well with a palette of primarily blue and red, from the simple interplay of the two heroes' costumes to a red flashing alarm in the otherwise icy blue of the Fortress.

The team also accurately captures the existential nature of being young and wondering about how long the world has left. In one part of Jon and Yara's big conversation, Del Duca captures Jon's head as slightly dipped while he takes a moment to acknowledge how much he can't do about that alone. But one sign that he's an admirable Superman is his belief we can keep it going together.

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