BattleJuice Alchemist, the genre-bending RPG with a Tim Burton style, heads into early access today

BattleJuice Alchemist, the action-roleplaying game dripping with Tim Burtonesque art, heading into early access today as announced at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase. 

BattleJuice Alchemist puts you in the shoes of the titular alchemist called Juice, who looks oddly lovely in the way that only Tim Burton characters do. Distorted features, unusual proportions, usually lanky… you know the type. Juice is called to a particularly creepy creek to clear a demon infestation, which is where our concoction brewing mainly takes place. 

What makes BattleJuice Alchemist a particularly exciting proposition for RPG lovers is that it blends two fan-favorite styles. If you're the type with restless fingers, the game can be played like an isometric action RPG with our loose-jointed hero zipping across the screen. For the more traditional types, the game also allows you to tackle battles in the turn-based, one-on-one JRPG style. Something for everyone, then. 

Between fights against twisted creatures, you'll be exploring procedural landscapes and hand-crafted towns to gather materials that will come in handy when preparing alchemy flasks. Flasks are basically your skills in this adventure, so you'll want to stay well-stocked to probably experiment with different playstyles.

The genre-blending game made quite the impression at the most recent Steam Next Fest event with a demo that was equal parts moody, beautiful, and surprising. That excellent free demo is still available on Steam, but in even better news, BattleJuice Alchemist heads into early access today via Steam and the Epic Games Store. The game will also release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch at a later date.

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