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Battle Beast Cheats

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    Cheat Codes

    *At the Battle Beast order form screen, type in YOYOYO to bring up the Cheater Menu. Enter codes here.
    AOFREOIO: grants access to all the bonus doors.
    EATEE: beast morphing off.
    EHRTRR: toggles autoflying in bonus rooms.
    ERHNE: makes you fight all opponents.
    ERHYHRLY: weakens the insidious Toadman.
    ITIHFO: activates two out of three bouts.
    OAOAEIOA: engages autoflying in the lab.
    OFOVH: doubles time limit in bonus rooms.
    OIVNNFOF: activates tadpole attacks in the lab.
    ORUFO: gives your beast invincibility in bonus rooms.