Backyard Football Cheats

Backyard Football Hints

  • GameCube | Submitted by Carl Menler

    How to Make the Other Team Fumble More

    To make the other team fumble more, make sure your on the kickoff team, choose the play where everyone is right next to the out-of-bounds line, then kick the ball. Make sure everyone is being blocked. Run right at the ball carrier, but keep pressing A. Then tackle him, but keep pressing A. He should fumble the ball. This is sometimes tricky to do, but it almost always works.

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Useful moves

    Press L and R to fake em out

  • PC | Submitted by backyard football maniac

    Perfect Team

    1.Brett Favre- QB
    2.Pablo Sanches- Receiver/running back
    3.Dante Robinson- Offensive/defensive lineman
    4.Dimitri Petrovitch- Kicker/lineman/receiver
    5Jevon Kearse- Reciever/running back
    6.Drew Bledsoe- Backup QB
    7.Make your own create-a-kidand put him as a backup

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Best Team

    You first go to season and pick a team. Next you have to pick your players. You first pick Pablo Sanchez so you have the leading rusher. Then you pick Damituri for punting and defence.(not a linbacker!!) Next you pick Randall Cunningham for QB and linebacker.(quarterback) Next pick Drew Bledso so you have a back-up QB and put him on yor punt return lineup. ZNext pick Barry Sanders for a Wide Resever and center.(on defence) Then pick Brett Favre for the other Wide resver and other side of barry on defence and on the punting and punt return team. Last pick Steve Young for a linebacker and on your punt and punt return lineup. DA BOMB TEAM!!!!!!!!

  • PC | Submitted by Kaleb Rice

    Get Secret Plays Easy

    Ok when you're in a game a you're on offense choose the play called "noondl" and throw to the running back. Do this 2 times to get secret plays (usually).

Backyard Football Unlockables

  • GameCube | Submitted by pablo

    Get the cereal bowl stadium

    Win the cereal bowl championships

Backyard Football Cheats

  • GameCube | Submitted by jake

    To get Walter Payton for a kid to pick on your team.

    Go to season mode and type in Walter Payton as the coach name and pick any team and he will be on your team. This will only work in season mode.

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Make Players Invisible

    Go to the main menu and press Z to get the code screen and put in GHOST for the code. Also reported as INVISIBLE

  • PC | Submitted by alex shapiro

    Be Practice Dummies

    Enter MRCLANKY as the coach name to use the practice dummies as your season team
    More Speed
    During play type in superspeed
    Secret Plays
    During play type in moreplays
    Accurate Passing
    Before a pass type in sharpeye
    More Tackles
    Before a tackle type in whatatackle
    Special Kid
    On the Draft players screen type in superkid
    Get Pablo to speak English
    Go to meet the players and hold down shift, Then click on Pablo. [hold down shift the whole time]

  • PC | Submitted by Boby Macafee

    Endzone dance

    Type in BIG SHOT once you get into the endzone. You do this after you score a touchdown. The game will pause when doing this. To do this you have to do it with Jarry Rice