B17 Flying Fortress Cheats

B17 Flying Fortress Hints

  • PC | Submitted by gabz


    If a crew member is badly wounded, and is enable to fight. the best thing to do is to bail the wounded crew member out of the plane. it might sound like a stupid thing to do but the crew member might have a better chance of survival in German hands.
    If you are trying to make and emergency landing and you haven't released your bombs the best thing to do is to release the bombs before you try to crash land this will reduce the chance of you're plane blowing up on landing.

B17 Flying Fortress Glitches

  • PC | Submitted by Charles

    Crash Glitch

    OKAY here is the glitch, when flying press the button the shows the outside of your bomber and press M. Your plane should start to go down toward the ground. Hers the glitch if you bail out right before you crash the parachute should hit the ground and stay blown up. P.S. sometimes it doesn't work, you just have to bail out at the right time. P.S.S. its also fun to just crash and watch your crew and the B17 GET THE HECK BLOWN OUT OF IT!!