Auction site and new screens for Forza 2

Microsoft has launched a new community website in preparation for the360 racer Forza Motorsport 2, featuring online auctions for gamers to buy and sell their in-game cars.

The site will help in-game car tuners and artists get rich on Forza currency by selling off their work online. There's even the option to hide car setups, so smart car tuners could make an in-game mint selling their creations.

The new site also has a tournament section with the promise of prizes, though it's not clear at this point exactly how they'll work. Apparently racers will be able to keep track of their progress via the website, and check out leaderboards to see who's topping the leagues.

It's all sounding very promising then, and you can see the rest the site has to offer by directing your browsers here.

Forza 2 is due out this May, but until then clickhere(or hit the Images tab above) to check out the hottest new screens.

February 23, 2006