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This Witcher 3 trailer is all blood and thunder

It's unsafe to assume any trailer for The Witcher 3 will be safe for work, but "Rage & Steel" takes lurid joy in its NSFW-ness. Geralt goes slow-motion hog-wild on a gaggle of medieval goons, with nary a line of dialogue (other than "uggggh!") for the entire 2 minute and 20 second video.

I found the part at 1:20 where Geralt throws a bomb behind a guy and vaporizes his entire top half particularly striking. Although aside from being drenched in blood, his legs still look perfectly fine. That's some fine trouser craftsmanship.

The trailer ends with a brief look at Ciri's own sword-and-sorcering. She may not have Geralt's years of swordfighting expertise, but she makes up for it with some truly terrifying skill at teleporting around the battlefield.

You won't have to wait too much longer to compare their fighting styles for yourself; The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will release worldwide on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 19.

Connor Sheridan
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