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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Cheats

This Wind Waker sequel spells success on the high seas with a DS stylus. Goodbye end-of-the-world plot device and hello good times in (sorta) tough dungeons.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass FAQs

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Hints

  • DS | Submitted by wumbo1234

    Chicken Catching

    instead of running to a chicken to catch it, use the grapple hook to pull it to you.

  • DS | Submitted by rekrap809

    Flying With A Chicken

    Grab a chicken and jump off a ledge. You will hover for a little while. You can use this technique to cross small gaps.

  • DS | Submitted by master_of_zelda

    The Big Lure and Legendary Fish Neptoona

    To get the big lure you have to catch the fish Loovar. It is in the southeastern sea and attached to it with it will be another fish ,the stow fish. Once you catch it go to wayfarer and show him the fish. He will give you the big lure once you have the big lure you can catch bigger fish. Go to the northeastern sea and catch the Rustysword fish. After you catch it, take it to wayfarer he will then tell you to go catch the Legendary fish Neptoona. Go to southeastern sea and you will see a weird looking shadow of a fish. Go to it, and it will be Neptoona. Be careful, he is really hard to catch after you catch him, take back to wayfarer and he will give you a heart container.

  • DS | Submitted by zelda games are not easy

    Beat Bosses 1-3

    Fire Wizard
    Connect all three guys in order with your boomerang. Look at the top screen. There will be a guy with one horn, a guy with two horns, and a guy with three. Throw a path for your boomerang from guy 1 to guy 2 to guy 3. Once you have done that they will connect. When he is in his full form, wack him with your sword until he splits again. Do this three times.

    Tornado Squid
    At the start, you'll see a tornado and the boss on the top screen. Get your bombs out. Once you see his shadow on the tornado, throw your bomb in it. The tornado will fling the bomb up in the air and it will hit the squid. Do this five times. Then he will fall to the ground. Hit him with your sword until he is dead.

    Ghost Crab
    He is invisible, but you can see what he is seeing on the top screen. Once you see yourself straight ahead on the top screen, quickly get out your arrows and shoot at you. The crab will go in its shell and he will be visible. Hit the purple things on its shell - there are six of them - after you do that, he will lose his shell and will be visible all the time. Then maneuver around him and hit the blue thing on his tail, then he will finally be dead.

  • DS | Submitted by Gammax aka the Lind Master

    Getting The Phantom Sword

    To get the phantom sword you need all the pure-metals and go to the island were the only hut is the guy withe the furness. Talk to him and he will start to make the sword. Next get a message from the carrier and it will be from that pirate girl. Defeat her and go back to the island. You will get the top of the sword. Go back to Mercy Island and talk to Ohaus he will do the rest. That is how you get the Phantom Sword.

  • DS | Submitted by Linkplus2

    Fire Temple Entrance

    In front of the Fire Temple

    Go in front of the fire temple, go right next to the candles and blow them out using your microphone.

  • DS | Submitted by Blacklite

    Press the charts to find the sun key

    Temple of the ocean king

    Are you stuck on the part when it says "press the charts together to find the sun key?" No problem! Simply open your sea chart (with the sea chart they have on the top screen) and press them together. Close your DS! NOT A JOKE! Then it should be on your sea chart.

  • DS | Submitted by Mike

    Three Torches

    Isle of Ember

    to free Astrid you need to mark the three torches scattered around the island.

    1) The island where Mayo's remains are
    2) Astrid's house
    3) On the edge of land right of the island to the north

  • DS | Submitted by CMCmaster.92

    Free Ship Parts

    When you completefour major events on wifi mode, go to Cannon Island and talk to the big guy. He will give you free rare ships part to use.

  • DS | Submitted by CMCmaster.92

    Find the Hideout

    There is a part in which the fog keeps turning you back. Go to the island south of there and get the shovel. Go dig by a tree, read the map, and write down the path.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Easter Eggs

  • DS | Submitted by jkboogie11111111111111111

    Dee Ess island

    In the southeastern sea you will see 8 brown rocks start at the far bottom one and sail down until you see a familiar shaped island... it's a DS!!! Dock there and you will enter "Dee Ess" island.

  • DS | Submitted by zeldadude

    Chicken Attack

    any island with chickens

    If you attack any of the chickens repeatedly, it will become red and start attacking you back and a lot of other chickens will fly up and peck you rapidly.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by blinky2k7

    Fire Sword

    Spirit Island (South of Molida Island)

    If you go to Spirit Island with 10 Power gems (red) and you have got the spirit of power, go to the temple and the spirit inside the cave will level up your spirit of courage and you will get a fire sword. This also works for the other spirits if you have 10 of their gems.

  • DS | Submitted by Blacklite

    Big Plays, what to know about them

    Battle Mode (Wi-Fi)

    Big Plays are not amounts of how many times you've played a game. They are Hidden Missions you have to find. Lucky for you I can tell you all of them. By the way, if you unlock the first four you will receive a gold chimney. If you find 8 you will receive a gold handrail, 12 you get a gold cannon, and 16 (which is all) you get a Golden Hull. These are the big play missions:

    No Items: Win without taking a single item

    No Dribble: Win, but don't drop any force Gems outside the bases or safe zones

    Limit: Win a match making link get hurt in the last 20 seconds of two turns (hardish)

    Solo: Defeat link using only one phantom at least one turn

    Break: Break 10 or more of your opponents items

    Take: Pick up 10 of your helpful items

    Perfect Master: Complete a perfect and Limit big play during the same game (Hardest)

    Quick: Fell link in the first 20 seconds of a turn twice in a match

    Miracle: Win 1-0

    Get Everything: Win a match with all force gems in your base

    Guardian: Win without letting your opponent score any points at any time

    Perfect: Complete the get everything and Guardian Big plays during the same match

    No Miss: Win without being taken down once (playing as link)

    Guard King: Take Down Link three times as the phantoms

    Master: Complete both no miss and guardian big plays during the same match (hard)

    Battle Master: Complete both limit and master big plays in one match (harder)

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Cheats