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SFX@200 Pick Of The Day: Classic Couch Potato With Doctor Who Guest Star

Each day that SFX 200 is on sale we’ll highlight a great article from our 200 Issues Of SFX online feature. Today: The first ever Couch Potato and a Couch Potato with a special guest star

To celebrate the publication of the 200th issue of SFX , we’ve published our massive 200 Issues Of SFX feature online. And each day the 200th issue is on sale, we’re highlighting some of our favourite articles from that feature (because it’s so massive, gems are easy to miss).

Today we’re highlighting not one, but two classic Couch Potatoes, the first, of course, being the first ever session from issue one (where we discuss Star Trek: Voyager ) and second, a brilliant Couch Potato guest starring one-time Doctor Who companion Mark Strickson, aka, Turlough, which hails from issue 46 . Enjoy.