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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Cheats

An excellent, very unusual legal adventure game that will test your mind, if not your reflexes.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney FAQs

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Hints

  • DS | Submitted by firefox

    Seeing the Future?

    On the final trial when Ema testifies you have to make the "unstable jar" look like the blue badger. This part is frustrating but to do it turn the jar so the fat part is facing down, then tilt it up just enough so you can see the opening in the bottom but also the little bump on the top to make it look like a horn. It may take a few tries so be sure to save before you do it.

  • DS | Submitted by firefox

    Blood Traces Locations

    During the investigation on the 5th trial Ema will give you "luminol testing fluid" to find traces of blood. the places you need to spray are:

    *The emergency phone and behind Edgeworth's car.
    *In the evidence room spray the top left locker on the left screen and the top right locker on the right screen, and on the floor behind the tape.
    *On the cactus in the security room and in front of Edgeworth's desk in his office.

  • DS | Submitted by Joshic

    How To Avoid Losing '!''s

    For this hint to work you must first be in the trial. When you think you have a contradiction save. After saving return to the game. If you were wrong and lose a '!' then you can simply turn off the DS and then restart the game from your savepoint. I suggest to keep trying until you finnaly figure out what to do, then restart with a full '!' bar. In later parts of the game where you must show second evidences to prove your claim, save after they say something and then continue to the evidence.

  • DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Extra Game

    If you finish the first 4 episodes, you will get the end credits! But the game is not over! You will get more cases to work on!

  • DS | Submitted by Valor

    A Few Tips

    This isn't a cheat oode, but this is some helpful hints if you're having a problem. First off, make sure you examine EVERYTHING. Usually if something isn't happening, its because you haven't found the right thing yet. Second, show evidence to people you think will know about it. Such as if you find something with someone's name on it, show it to them etc. Next, be aware as to what people are saying. Unlike some games, this is a game where you have to play close attention to the dialougue of the characters. Finally, talk to everyone. Most of the time, when you're finished with a person or a certain area, that person will leave, or make some kind of comment like 'thats all I know.' Every now and then, however, Phoenix will point out that they must know something else, so make sure you pay attention to these details. If you're having trouble and haven't tried all of these, then try them.

  • DS | Submitted by CPPC

    How to Know if Objection is Good

    If you make an objection with an item, listen to the music! If it stops or it changes, it's good!

  • DS | Submitted by Eduardo Freak7

    Hint In Chapter 2

    In chapter 2 when Mia dies make sure you get the "Item" in Miss May's drwaer. Note the fact you will need to see the BellBoy in her room to know you can get the "Item" then you can proceed to court.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Easter Eggs

  • DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Case 5 Credits

    During the little dialogue scenes while the credits are rolling after Case 5, tap the touch screen like you're applying fingerprint powder and blow it off. You'll see a hidden drawing of the character on the top screen.