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New Rocky pics up

Okay, so hands up who groaned when Sly announced he was bringing slumbering slugger Rocky back to the big screen? Yeah, there were a fair few mumbles over at Total Film Towers too.

However, for some reason, the buzz is starting to build about the Philadelphia fighter's latest flick, simply titled Rocky Balboa and as these pictures show (click here ), the Italian Stallion knows how to put on a show... or when all else fails, just take over someone else’s.

The crowd gathered at the Las vegas Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino for the undisputed middleweight title showdown between Jermain Taylor and Bernard Hopkins was treated to a sneak peak at the over-the-hill pugilist in all his glory and will no doubt end up in the movie to boot.

The movie, also written and directed by Stallone, is slated to hit cinemas on 9 February 2007.

Source: ( ESPN )