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"Mannequin mystery" in Call of Duty: Black Ops solved

Last week, we listed the coolest Easter eggs hidden in Call of Duty: Black Ops. The most intriguing one of all, however, was still a mystery: What happens if you shoot off all the mannequin heads in multiplayer map Nuketown?

According to a Treyarch developer interviewed before the game's release, the challenge would require a "well-coordinated team of professionals" working in "record-breaking time" but the reward would be "something special." Forum threads ignited across the internet, wildly speculating on what the secret might be, and as soon as Black Ops hit shelves, mannequin-assassinating super groups began organizing.

This weekend, one of those groups finally succeeded. So, what was the surprise? Was a special, suburban Nuketown Zombie mode revealed, as many excited (yet unproven) rumors had suggested?

Um, not quite. Well, just take a look:

Yeah, the reward is a Rolling Stones song %26ndash; the same song you heard during the campaign, and a billion other Vietnam-themed pieces of entertainment. We're disappointed, but considering how many other cool treats Treyarch hid in the game, we're not complaining. What about you?

Source: NextGenTactics

Nov 15, 2010