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Hot new Overwatch strategy turns basketballs into rolling death orbs

Overwatch's levels are filled with little physical objects that bounce around when you shoot them. I usually just pop a few oxygen tanks and watch them rocket around while I wait for the match to start, but apparently they can be used for much more destructive (and comedic) effect.

If you're not quite sure what was going on there, here's the breakdown on the hot new strat: affixing Junkrat's movement-halting snare trap and his explosive concussion mine to a single basketball (or any other physics-enabled prop) transforms it from a fun diversion into a rolling deathtrap. I think it's safe to say that enemy Tracer had no idea what hit her.

I don't know if this clutch maneuver won Play of the Game - let's be honest, it probably went to Bastion -  but it's definitely my new meta. Thank goodness the open beta is going for another day.

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