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The Escapists Walking Dead will test your zombie escape plan

Rick Grimes and company know the value of a big, sturdy prison, though ideally you want to pull up stakes before it's overrun by zombies. Unfortunately for them, it never seems to work out that way. But fortunately for us, that's the idea behind a newly announced, unlikely yet official crossover game: The Escapists Walking Dead.

If you've played The Escapists, you're already familiar with the basic idea: you control an inmate dealing with everyday life in a prison in retro-RPG inspired prison breakout simulation, trying to avoid discovery as you plot and prepare your own escape plan. Just swap merciless prison guards with groaning undead, and your generic protagonist with Rick Grimes, and you're halfway there.

The Escapists Walking Dead follows the events and survivors of the comic book series, starting off in Harrison Memorial Hospital and moving on to the farm and prison - it's a fairly loose and "playful" adaptation of the source material, so even if you've only watched the AMC television series, you should be able to appreciate it.

You can start crafting your own zombie escape plan when The Escapists Walking Dead hits PC and Xbox One later this year. It'll also be playable at the Walker Stalker Fan Fest in San Diego on Friday and Saturday, if you're headed to Comic-Con.

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