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Edgar Wright directing an episode of Walking Dead?

walking dead

Shaun Of The Dead director Edgar Wright has revealed he’s been offered the chance to helm more zombie mayhem with an episode of TV comic adap The Walking Dead.

The hit AMC show aired its first breakout season last year, and has been adapted from Robert Kirkman’s comic series by showrunner/moviemaker Frank Darabont.

While talking at this weekend’s SXSW Film Festival (about Joe Cornish's Attack The Block ), Wright revealed that he’s been offered the reigns of one of Dead ’s episodes.

“Frank asked me to do a Walking Dead , actually,” he revealed. “But I feel that there’s some subject matter that, like, even though it’d be great – and I love that show...

“I actually watched four of the six episodes uninterrupted in one run; it was like zombie Pringles. I think that with something like that, with some TV shows, you wanna be in on the ground floor.”

Wright added that he “wouldn’t wanna be the guy that comes in and fucks it up”, though that’s hardly likely to happen. Darabont, it’s up to you to make this happen.