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Doctor Who Monsters Invade Cardiff

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This morning, five monsters escaped from the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff in a dramatic break out this morning. At 8am there was a loud explosion within the building and a Cyberman, an Ood, a Silent, a Dalek and a Scarecrow were caught on camera fleeing the building. The escape is believed to have been masterminded by the Daleks who have recently relocated to the new Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.

Paula Al Lach, Head of Exhibitions for BBC Worldwide was holding a press conference when the explosion took place. In a statement she said: "If any members of the public spot the monsters in Cardiff please do not to approach them yourselves. They are extremely dangerous.”

When asked if this would cause a delay to the Experience opening on the 20 July she said: “Absolutely not, we will have the monsters contained and back in place ready for our official launch next month.”

SFX was there at at the explosion, which was so loud your intrepid reporter dropped his camera. However he quickly, recovered (the big girl) and went out onto the streets of Cardiff to assist in the search…

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