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CoD: Black Ops' Mad Catz peripherals revealed

We're not obsessed with Mad Catz controllers, we promise. It's just thatyesterday we went through all the trouble of posting a video which runs through the featuresof the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops themed "Precision Aim Controllers," and now we have images ofthe controllers, including the PC and Wii offerings. We'd feel silly not posting them after all the hullabaloo we've already made, so here we go:

The 360 controller is like the PS3 one you can see usobserving in yesterday's post. The controllers have received a few tweaks since the Modern Warfare 2 versions, as well as a new feature which allowsplayers to slow the analog stick movement for more precise aiming.

Will these controllers actually offer an upper hand? Will they be better than standard controllers, or worse? We'll let someone who gives a damn try them out when the game launches!

Here's the mouse. It looks kind of badass, in an ugly way.

This is the official Black Ops "Gaming Surface," or as we neophytes call it, a mouse pad.

We don't know what this is. A TV remote and a garage door opener, maybe? We're stumped.

There are a couple other peripherals: a charger for those unidentified things up there and a USB dog tag. If they were mind blowing we'd have posted the pictures, don't worry.

Jul 2, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer