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Burnout 5

EA announced today that its enslaving Criterion Games for yet another iteration of the famed car-crushing racer Burnout. In this latest installment (currently called Burnout 5) menus are completely eschewed in favor of an open, seamless city where the only thing that will limit the carnage is your imagination and the structural integrity of your automobile.

Touting the virtues of the next-gen hardware, Criterion exclaims that Burnout 5 will offer the most brutal smashups in the series' history... even allowing you to tear cars in half. Of course, if you split enough vehicles into two jagged halves, you'll raise the ire of Paradise City's most infamous burners who will promptly descend on you in an effort to even the score.

No hard release date has been announced for Burnout 5 (and no images either, which is why we're using these old Burnout Revenge renders), but EA assures us that we can expect to shred the lead sometime in 2007.

August 29, 2006