Army Men: World War Cheats

Army Men: World War Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Pick Level

    At the main menu press R1 + R2, L1 + L2, Circle, Square
    Also reported as Hold R2 then hold R1. Release R2, then release R1. Hold L1, then hold L2. Release L1, then release L2. Then, press Circle, Square

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

    During Gameplay press the BACKSPACE key and type !throw me a frickin bone here then put in one of the following codes
    Fail Mission !the meek
    Selected Units Die !time for bed
    Get Faster Soldiers !pump me up
    Go to Debug Mode !rate me
    Finish Mission !cut to the chase
    Turn Off Computer AI !oh behave
    Turn On Computer AI !mojo
    Random item/effect !mona lisa
    Remove disguises !let me down
    Unit Gets three bombing airstrikes !heavenly glory
    Unit Gets three napalm airstrikes !this one goes to eleven
    Unit Gets three recons !peep show
    Unit Gets nine blue disguises !i woke up this morning
    Unit Gets nine gray disguises !incognito
    Unit Gets flak jacket !whistle and flute
    Unit Gets infinite sniper rifle ammo !yippee!!!
    Unit Gets infinite air attack !roody-pooh
    Unit Gets infinite plastic mending kit !florence
    ??????? !when all else fails...
    ??????? !full monty
    ??????? !game over
    ??????? !mib
    ??????? !scotty
    ??????? !hey stifler
    ??????? !one time...
    ??????? !spiny norman
    ??????? !stay frosty
    ??????? !henry
    ??????? !harsh language
    ??????? !here's a lockpick...
    ??????? !vic fontaine
    ??????? !halloween
    ??????? !johnny rico
    ??????? !penny