American Idol Cheats

American Idol Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by MarkizdabomIfurung

    Have last three songs

    To get the last three songs on the practice menu, you first have to go to the password screen. after that enter this code:

  • PS2 | Submitted by Shawty

    Simon Cowell Gives You Standing Ovation

    During Gameplay Press (Square, circle, triangle) 3 Times Fast
    Funny Ole' Simon
    Miss all of the "notes" in a live concert to hear some really funny "advise"!
    (warning: this might risk you losing the whole thing)
    Bonus Stuff
    To get bonus costumes and sets (rooftop, diso, etc) you have to do the competition and along the way you will unlock different things. If you do the competition in Easy mode it will only unlock the sets in Easy mode for Rehearsal, etc.
    A+ in appearance, and how to get flair.
    First, to get an A+ in appearance, if your a man or woman, you have to use clothes, hair style, hair color, shoes, and make-up(4 girls) that kind of match. If you have a red outfit use brown or red hair, pink eyehadow, red lips, and red nails. See?
    Okay, for flair, there will be stas going to the target while your playing. When it reaches the target, press the button that the star is riding on. For example, if the star was riding where the x usually would, press x when it hits the target. Throughout the game, you'll unlock bonuses for clothes, sets, and song choruses. Remember that it ism only unlocked for the level you were playing on.
    Get all Rehearsal levels
    Be the next American Idol
    Walking around in dressing room
    When your getting you idol dressed up for a competition wait for a 1 minute and your idol will walk around their dressing room. They'll search in their closet and they'll sit on the couch and watch T.V.