Age of Empires: Age of Kings Cheats

Age of Empires: Age of Kings Hints

  • DS | Submitted by HiddenSwordBane

    Strategy On King Richard's Last Mission

    -Mission 6-

    Here's one strategy to beating the last King Richard mission. In the beginning, split your troops in half vertically. The Right side holds off the troops in Jerusalem, while the left half attacks Jaffa. Four your right troops, it is essential to build a town center on the first turn, and a castle blocking the bridge in the second turn, which will also give you infantry troops and longbowmen. When you attack and conquer Jaffa, don't build a town center yet, but go on to attack Ascalon, or else Jerusalem and Ascalon will beef up their armies. After both cities are down, then build town centers and build up troops to attack Jerusalem. There are three tips to know while doing this: 1. Get Saladin out of there. Whether it is attacking him to make him run away or defeating him, get him out of there as fast as possible since he's a pain. 2. Research as much as possible, it's essential to winning. 3. Go after the castles first, then Jerusalem, and try using onagers or trebuchets to destroy it rather than destroying other buildings. Jerusalem missions are the hardest to do ( I'm still stuck on "Reclaiming Jerusalem" for Saladin)

  • DS | Submitted by Age of Empires rocks!

    Get A Heroes Back After They Die

    When you get monks or elite monks find a relic. Have any monk or elite monk capture it and bring it back to a church and donate it. If your hero dies click on the church you donated the relic to and it will say "bring back hero". Click on it and your hero will appear on the church with his life at 50 (the next turn it will be 100).

  • DS | Submitted by ctc (cody the cheater)

    Best Fighters

    The best type of fighters are archers. They can attack from a distance. If you stand more than one space away from your target (maximam 3), the target can not harm you in any way. A crossbowman can not move and attack, and even though they are stroger, the archer is better.

  • DS | Submitted by the boogeyman

    Large Civilization

    In order for you to make your civilization to rise above the others, make a lot of town centers. The perfect place to make a town center is to make one next to a farm. They cost less and can put it near another town center. You can then build many things depending on which age you are on.

Age of Empires: Age of Kings Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlockable: Maps

    Valley - 100 empire points
    France - 100 empire points
    Bridges Large - 100 empire points
    Swamplands - 150 empire points
    Castles - 150 empire points
    Archipelago Large - 200 empire points
    Hannibal's Crossing - 250 empire points
    Agincourt - 250 empire points
    Hastings - 250 empire points
    Khyber Pass - 250 empire points
    Outremer - 150 empire points
    Skirmish- Desert - 250 empire points
    Skirmish- Plains - 250 empire points
    King of the Mountain - 300 empire points
    Asia Major - 300 empire points

  • DS | Submitted by Haybird

    Black Market

    -Black Market-
    Complete all campaigns with all characters to unlock the Black Market icon at the main menu. This will allow you to buy previously unreleased characters, maps, campaigns, and movie clips.