African Safari Cheats

African Safari Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Ryan123456


    When you are at the map hit r to find rhino, b for buffalo, c for crocodile, i for impala, l for lion, z for zebra

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Free Money

    Put the cursor in the extreme top left corner and press Ctrl-4

  • PC | Submitted by Holywood hogan

    Various Cheats

    For unlimited ammo type "HUGEGUNS"
    To fly type "VULTURE"
    To create herds type "SPAWNALL"
    To see animal kill zones type "XRAY"
    To become partly invisible type "HGWELLS"
    To mark all unliscend animals type "FLAGALL"
    To mark all animals on the map type "FLAGEVERY"
    To mark your current posistion type "GPS"
    Eland Hunting License type "LICENSE1"
    Zebra Hunting License type "LICENSE2"
    Elephant Hunting License type "LICENSE3"
    Kudu Hunting License type "LICENSE4"