5 reasons real life should be like Fable II...

But being a videogame, the ins and outs of day-to day-life are somewhat truncated for convenience. With that in mind, we got to wondering just how the ins and outs of the real world would work if everything obeyed Lionhead's simplified in-game approximations. These are our findings. Some are brilliant and others, as you will find out, are profoundly terrifying.

A few flashes of your life's achievements would give you carte blanche to treat everyone like crap for days

A little evidence of prowess and they'd love you no matter what.

True love could be found quickly and easily by doing a little dance and belching a couple of times

And even better in today's hectic times, you could seal the deal and be married within around 2 minutes.

Hobos would be rich, because scruffy dogs would have an uncanny ability to seek out money

It's a common beggar trait to have a sympathy pooch in tow. With Fable II's rules, those dogs would rocket their owners to the top of the financial elite.

You could get drunk and crap in your pants, and people would just find it endearing

However badly you behaved and whatever you did, a whole bunch of people would always turn out to be into exactly that sort of thing.