3D Ultra Lionel Train Town Deluxe Cheats

3D Ultra Lionel Train Town Deluxe Glitches

  • PC | Submitted by XiaoXiaoMan

    Seperated Train

    Over switches

    Put the cars you want to separate over a switch.Bring another train close enough to the switch, just enough to change the direction of the switch. get the train out of the way!! move the other train forward, and the cars will separate from the train! Careful, though! if the separated end collides with ANYTHING, "That's a fender-bender!"

3D Ultra Lionel Train Town Deluxe Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    All Codes

    Note:In order for these to work, you need the 1.1 patch (Formerly found at :http://traintown.sierra.com/downloads.html) Any job completed with a cheat will only receive a check mark--no blue ribbons (cheaters never prosper).

    To enter a Cheat Code:

    Press the | key (the vertical line character, which is the shifted \ key on most keyboards) This will enter the Enter a Cheat code mode. Type the cheat code from the list below and press Enter (which will exit the Enter a Cheat code mode and try to use the cheat. While the Enter a Cheat code mode is active, the normal keyboard shortcuts will not work. Upper/Lower case is not significant.
    Brian - Unlock jobs in job bin. This stays in effect until you exit TrainTown Deluxe.
    (NOTE: the following codes must be entered during an active job, often with a particular car selected)
    Kelle - Turn off speed limits until the end of the job.
    Neal - Refuel the selected car.
    Paul - Unload the selected car.
    Chris - Give a 300-second time bonus.
    Andrew - Give a 30-second time bonus.
    Lionel - Mark the current job as completed
    JCarey - Repair zapped tracks and broken switches near the selected car.
    MoveIt - Give all trains a speed increase
    CominThru - Remove any one-way tracks near the selected car.
    Gimme - Give control of all cars to the user. This can have undesired effects, so use with caution.
    FixAll - Repair all sorts of track problems across the entire layout
    JobBoss- Trigger a special job cheat, whose function varies from job to job:
    - Advance to next level in building jobs
    - Allow shift-click to help solve memory jobs.
    - Show entire map in maze job
    - Shows word in Hangman
    - May have no function at all in other jobs
    Load - This brings up a dialog box that lets you assign any load to the selected car
    #_ - Enter a code of # followed by any letter or digit and the selected car becomes loaded with that digit.
    NoFuel - Allows Trains to run forever without using any fuel. (Requires Version 1.1 patch)