360 HD-DVD: £199

Monday 11 September 2006
Microsoft's official HD-DVD drive add-on for Xbox 360 will be released this Christmas for a price of £199.

The drive will be packaged with two hi-def movies, and will join a range of planned 360 bundles for this Christmas. Microsoft is reported to be planning a Premium Xbox 360 and HD-DVD bundle that will cost under £400.

Indeed, the final price of the HD-DVD drive and Premium 360 could actually be set as low as £375, retail sources have told industry website, gamesindustry.biz. The standalone add on might cost more than Nintendo's Wii - if it hits at £149 as predicted - but with the Premium bundle still likely to be coming in at around £50 less than a PS3, this could be a satisfyingly HD Christmas for 360 owners.