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Zeus: Poseidon Expansion Cheats, Codes & Guides

Zeus: Poseidon Expansion Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    Press Ctrl + Alt + C then put in one of these codes
    Seasick - Fill grainary
    Submitted by Alexandru Marin
  • Lot's of money

    Enter the Model folder and go to the following
    .txt file:ZeusModel-Very Easy
    where you will see a lot of numbers. go to the line where you see "Road" and change there the first number (usually it's 2,3 or 4) and change it into a negative number (for example 1000).Save and exit. If you followed the steps above for,let's say,ZeusModelNormal when you play in the game a NORMAL difficulty game for every "piece" of road you will get the amount of money equal to the negative number which you changed above but it is positive (in my case I get 1000 Dr).
    Submitted by Alexandru Marin

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