Available on: Xbox, PS2, GameCube

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Zapper Cheats

  • Win the Round

    Get 6 eggs every round to win
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  • Get Ultimate Zapper Weapon

    Buy a ton of Dragonflies and you will eventually get it
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  • A Mean Friend

    On the white knuckle water level on world 1,go to the first hut that has the raft and the bell and with the information cricket well anyways zap the blue ghost like cricket and run in the hut quickly and drown yourself.
    Then come back on a log and when you get near the hut he will zap you out of nowhere.

    Submitted by Cai|Ryan
  • A few cheats on Zapper

    To get infinite shield,push pause while playing and hold L.while holding L push up, down, up, left, right, down, up.

    On Dec. 25 Zapper's shield will be a santa hat!

    To get infinite lives push pause while playing and hold L.While holding L push up,up,left,left,right,left,right.

    To open all levels,push pause while playing and hold L.while holding L push left,down,right,right,up,up,up.Next,go to the main menu and select story mode. Finally, push pause and select go to map.
    Submitted by cheatman3000
  • How to unlock Flying

    Finish the 1st world with 400 points to be able to fly
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Available Platforms: Xbox, PS2, GameCube