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    Submitted by Stephen Taylor
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    Submitted by cookinwiththerock

WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Cheats

  • N64 | Submitted by James Church

    Different Matches

    Last Man Standing
    Pin: No
    Submission: No
    TKO: Yes
    Timelimit: No limit
    Ring Out: No DQ
    Bloodshed: No
    (Leave everything else off)

    I Quit Match
    Pin: No
    Submission: Yes
    TKO: No
    Ring Out: No DQ
    Bloodshed: Yes
    (Leave everything else off)

    Hardcore Match
    Pin: Yes
    Submission: Yes
    TKO: No
    Bloodshed: Yes
    Ring Out: No DQ
    Interference: Up to you
    (Leave everything else off)

    Hardcore Tag Match
    (Same rules as hardcore match except no tag format)

    Fatal 4 Way Match
    (Select Royal Rumble. Choose 4 superstars. Choose Random)
    (Set the rules up the way you like).

    Stable Match (like in WWF Attitude)
    (Select Royal Rumble. Select 16 Superstars. Select Team Battle.) Each player has 4 superstars. Set the rules up the way you want.

    First Blood Match
    Pin: No
    Submission: No
    TKO: No
    Interference: No
    Bloodshed: First Blood
    Time Limit: No Limit
    Ring Out: No DQ

  • N64 | Submitted by cooldude

    See custom belt on player

    Make a custom belt and win it with someone. then when you highlight the person you won it with they will be wearing it! (go for the same belt that you won)

  • N64 | Submitted by CrisShamrock

    Different Start Video

    If you want to have a different video at the start of the game just go to edit and change one of the wrestler's costume(e.x Stone Cold) then when you will view the video he will wear those clothes. IT IS SO COOL!!!!!!!

  • N64 | Submitted by CADE

    Easy way out of Cage.

    Set up a cage match with any character and
    battle your enemy in the cage for approximately 10 min. and after that do your "SPECIAL" twice and the run to any
    cage side and push C-up, hold C-up and press up on the D-pad numerous times once you have gotten to the top press B as fast as you can numerous times an while you doing that hold D-pad UP. This will work for career cage matches as well.

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to get DX and Union

    Get dx by changing hhh and xpac video and music to dx.It will work same thing with road dogg and x-pac and thats da only 2 sets of people it will work 4.hhh and xpac and road dogg and x-pac and get da union by changing big show,mankind,test and ken shamrock change da video and music to da union and it will work e-mail back on any new codes u have

  • N64 | Submitted by Chris Kowalczy


    New Age Outlaw appearance:
    You can have Billy Gunn come out with Road Dogg by changing his titantron and entrance to Road Dogg. When they appear, the game will say New Age Outlaws.

    Headbangers appearance:
    Edit Chaz and change his clothes to Thrasher's, name to "MOSH" (case-sensitive), theme and video to the Headbangers, and edit his first costume. When fighting Mosh and Thrasher, they will appear as the Headbangers.

    Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown appearance:
    Place Mark Henry music and video under Mark Henry's name to make them appear together.

    Union appearance:
    Place Show, Mankind, Shamrock, or Test with the Union music and no video. They will appear together with "Union" displayed.

    D-generation-X appearance:
    Set X-pac's and HHH's music as DX and make their video DX. They will appear together with "D-generation-X" is displayed.

    The Brood appearance:
    Put Edge and Christian music and video to the Brood. Then place Gangrel in a tag match with Edge or Christian. They will appear together with "The Brood" displayed. From here on, Edge and Christian do not appear together.

    The Corporate Ministry appearance:
    Set either Vince, Shane, or the Undertaker's music and video to The Corporate Ministry and they will appear together in a tag match with "Corporate Ministry" displayed.

  • N64 | Submitted by James Dyer

    Don't lose your tile belt (rtw mode)

    When u have been defeated just get to the day plan screen and press the B button until u get to the options screen and select "Exit" (do this before u end the week). Then go to your RTW and you will have another chance to kick thier *#! :-). (this also works if u have lost your shot at getting a title)

  • N64 | Submitted by Joe aka JERICHO

    Get smoken skull belt

    Beat road to wrestleania with sone cold and you will have received stoe colds smoken skull belt!

  • N64 | Submitted by Anonymous

    Different belt

    Win the title with Stone Cold and after a few matches he will come to the ring with his Smokin' Skull belt! It is then available in the create-a-belt mode.

  • N64 | Submitted by MikemacDX@aol.com

    How to get Stephanie McMahon

    To get stephanine mcmahon, beat the road to wrestlemania with test. She will start coming out with test after a couple of matches. then she will be unlocked.

  • N64 | Submitted by THE DON

    Unlock Jim Ross

    Get Get to Wrestlemania in Road To Wrestlemania mode and Jim Ross will come out and get ready to do comentary. After that he becomes a playable wrestler!

  • N64 | Submitted by Volkstr

    Unlock Dude Love

    In road to wrestle mania mode. Win the WWF title then Dude love will come out and challenge you for it. After this he will be unlocked

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Different Costumes

    At the character select screen press C-Right or C-Left

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock HBK

    To unlock HBK win the WWF title at wrestlemania 2000. in road to wrestlemania mode.

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    See Finishing Moves

    The spirit meter must be on Special then get in a tie-up and press the Analog Stick

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Extra Wrestlers

    Finish the Road to Wrestlemania Mode

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get a Random Wrestler

    On the character select screen press C-Up

  • N64 | Submitted by Anonymous

    Get Crash Test Dummy

    INVALID CODE??This code was reported invalid by Users-You Decide

    To get playable dummy, go to edit and clone a girl, then go to attire. Then go to 0.

  • N64 | Submitted by MDterp64

    Change Player in Road to Wrestlemania

    Step1:Create player and start road to Wrestlemania
    Step2:Must have controller pak and alot of created players
    Step3:Go into superstar data and save a few
    created players to the controller pak including the one you started road to wrestlemania with
    Step4:switch a different created player in the place where the RTW created player was.
    STEP5:Now that the RTW player is in a different place on the superstar data ,the player that is in The RTW player's place is going to be in RTW where the old one used to be.( same schedule and length into schedule)

  • N64 | Submitted by Jake Ramsey

    Climb out of cage is easier than you think.

    All you have to do is two things. The first thing you can do, is to toss them into the corner of the ring, and hang them upside down. As they are upside down, in the corner of the ring, you can climb out.

    The second one ( My Fav ) is to knock them down anyway you want to. Start to climb the cage..as soon as they get up, and attempt to shake the side of the cage you are climbing, all you have to do is press the "Top C" button, and left or right (Depending on which side of the cage you want the wrestler to climb to. You could be on the left side of the cage, climbing out, and the CPU would continue to shake the side that you were origionally on
    ^to here ( Make sure you are
    here ~~> | next to the corner
    | of the cage )
    ------------ |

  • N64 | Submitted by Logan Cook

    Do your entry way taunts backwards!

    Create a wrestler and set his music to Brood. Then set his walk taunt to Steve Austin. Then pick and entry way taunt (it doesn't matter which 1 but i think Chris Jericho's looks the best since he does it right). Then pick your wrestler and he'll do his entry way taunt backwards!

  • N64 | Submitted by ian the h.b.k

    See Kanes Real Face (without mask)

    Go to edit and edit kanes appearence. Change his mask to zero and you will see his burnt face

  • N64 | Submitted by Y2J

    Extended entrance themes in Royal rumble.

    Select the royal rumble mode and when the 5th person or after comes out hit the start button and you can listen to there whole theme song!

  • N64 | Submitted by Sebastian

    Big Show's Chokeslam to the outside!

    When your opponent is on the inside near the ropes and the Undertaker is on the apron with his special flashing, ise the strong grapple and move the Analog-stick as usual. The Undertaker will pull his opponent through the ropes and chokeslam him to the floor.

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Multi-Finishers (custom player)

    First you must be in the player edit screen. Go to your custom made player. Select a different costume than what he already is(up C or down C). Go to the edit moves and go to front grappling. Then go down to special front grapple and select a finishing move. You can do this with each different "costume" that may be selected for each player. Now you can use up to six different finishing moves (stolen moves also).

  • N64 | Submitted by Magnum

    Get Jerry "The King" Lawler

    Get To the WWF Championship Match To Get The Kingq

  • N64 | Submitted by Dave Mendez

    Get New Age Outlaws & Headbangers!!!!

    To get NAO and headbangers change Billy Gunn's music and titan tron to Road Dogg's and then they will come out as NAO. To get headbangers change Chaz's name to Mosh in all caps, close to thrashers, face paint to trashers, make him bald, and change titan tron and music to thrasers and they will come out as headbangers

  • N64 | Submitted by MJC

    Gangrel's Blood Mist

    Pick any create a player A-P. Then go to clone and clone Gangrel, next go to move set. Then go to front grapple and select front special. Go down and you will find blood mist. Click on it and you will be able to do that special with that player!

  • N64 | Submitted by Bryan

    High Flying Fun

    When your opponent is out of the ring. Bounce off the ropes opposite your opponent and hold down A to fly over the ropes and crank you opponet. It looks cool and is fun to.

  • N64 | Submitted by Dover

    Manager assistance

    Your manager can help fight if your wrestler is the first person in the ring. Hold C-Up + C-Down + Z on controller three to have your manager be controlled by player three. If your wrestler is the second person in the ring, hold C-Up + C-Down + Z on controller four. This only works for single matches

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Weapon

    Go to the side barricade and face crowed and press C-Up

  • N64 | Submitted by Bryan

    Use Your Opponents Special Move

    This is a really fun trick to do. When you have your special, do a strong grab on your opponent. When you have them in the grab, simultaneously pressing A and B.

  • N64 | Submitted by Rey Daddy


    Change Edge's and Christian's music and video to Brood. Pair either one of these two with Gangrel in a tag team match and they will come out as "The Brood."

  • N64 | Submitted by Test

    Get Paul Bearer

    Start a RTW with the Undertaker, and after a few matches the fat man will start coming out with you and will be a selectable character.

  • N64 | Submitted by Kane

    Unlock Cactus Jack

    Get the Hardcore belt with any wrestler and don't lose it against anybody for about five matches. Eventually Cactus Jack will come out and talk to you. After that, you will have Cactus Jack.

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    X-Pac's Championship Passwords

    On the Password screen type RCDD. You will only have to win 3 more matches.{There is no Password to fight 2 or less matches}.

  • GBA | Submitted by anonymous

    Opponent Codes

    Billy Gunn
    vs. Road Dogg PJH!
    vs. Val Venis PJHT
    vs. Jeff Jarrett PJKB
    vs. Shawn Michaels PJM6
    vs. Big Boss Man PJN9
    vs. Ken Shamrock PJRW
    vs. The Big Show PJSS
    vs. Shawn Michaels PJWZ
    vs. Triple H PJXC
    vs. X-Pac/Ken Shamrock PJZX
    vs. Steve Austin PJ18
    vs. Undertaker PJ3P
    vs. Kane PJ59
    vs. The Rock PJ7N
    vs. Mankind PJ!C
    vs. Kane PKBY
    vs. The Big Show PKDY
    Steve Austin
    vs. Ken Shamrock CSD7
    vs. Jeff Jarrett CSGQ
    vs. Road Dogg CSK8
    vs. X-Pac CSL3
    vs. Billy Gunn CSP6
    vs. Val Venis CSQS
    vs. Big Bossman CSTP
    vs. X-PAC CSVW
    vs. Triple H CSX9
    vs. Shawn Michaels/Val Venis CS0T
    vs. Big Show C525
    vs. Kane CS4L
    vs. Mankind CS66
    vs. The Rock CS8K
    vs. The Undertaker CS!9
    vs. Mankind CTCV
    vs. Big Bossman CTFV
    The Rock
    vs. Ken Shamrock FSDM
    vs. Jeff Jarrett FSH4
    vs. Road Dogg FSKN
    vs. X-Pac FSLH
    vs. Mr. Ass FSPL
    vs. Val Venis FSR6
    vs. Big Bossman FSS3
    vs. X-Pac FSW9
    vs. Triple H FSXP
    vs. Shawn Michaels FSZ7
    vs. Big Show FS2K
    vs. Kane FS30
    vs. Mankind FS6L
    vs. Undertaker FS7Z
    vs. Stone Cold FS!P
    vs. Mankind FTB8
    vs. Big Bossman FTD8
    Shawn Michaels vs:
    Big Boss Man XOD4
    Billy Gunn XOGM
    X-Pac XOK5
    Jeff Jarret XOL0
    Val Venis XOP3
    Ken Shamrock XOOP
    Road Dogg XOJL
    Big Show XOVS
    Val Venis XOX6
    Undertaker XO0O
    Big Boss Man/Road Dogg XO22
    Stone Cold Steve Austin XO4H
    Kane XO63
    Mankind XO8G
    The Rock XO!6
    Mankind XRFR

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar


    In the password put !dot

WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Easter Eggs

  • GBA | Submitted by Ry

    Owen Hart Tribute

    After you complete the Championship mode by beating Vince McMahon ,there is a shot of Vince being carried away by Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco,and in the background there is a partly covered-up sign that says "God Bless You Owen"

WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Glitches

  • GBA | Submitted by J.D.

    No Ropes!

    Enter training mode for easy way. Get your opponent to upper right T.B. Grapple and whip to left,climb turnbuckle as fast as possible. Press A button. When you hit ground opp. should be on way back from ropes. You will pop back up and he will hit you, if you don't get knocked down walk up and you will go right through the ropes.