WRC: World Rally Championship 2 Extreme Cheats, Codes & Guides

WRC: World Rally Championship 2 Extreme Cheats

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    Go to Archives then to Secrets to enter these codes. Press X to enter the code.
    The effects only work on time trial mode. To disable a code, re-enter it.
    Cheat Mode - EVOS
    Overhead View - SATALITE
    Bouncy Cars - KANGAROO
    Co Driver on Helium - HELIUM
    Turbo - NITRO
    Moon Gravity - LUNAR
    UFO vehicle - UFOPTER
    Get Chromed - CHROME
    Rear Wheel Drive Car - PUSHME
    Swaying Objects - SWAY
    Disco Lights - DISCO
    Controls Reversed - FLIPLEFT
    Motion Blur - MOBLUR
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Available Platforms: PS2