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    Note: when these cheats are typed in, they will appear where you started. When you do these cheats in beach levels, tanks will come in a tank support boat in order to get to the beach, so do field guns.
    To type in the cheats, hold down the Ctrl button and press enter, then a green cheat window will appear and then type in the cheats.
    All units heal:strong man
    Unlimited ammo for units:Keep ammo
    Give Shermon tank:Get shermon tank
    Give mortal infantry:get mortel infantry
    Give recon infantry:get recon infantry
    Give rifle infantry:get rifle infantry
    Give HMG infantry:Get HMG infantry
    Give ammo supply truck:Get ammo supply truck
    Give half track:get half track
    Give horwitzer half track:Get horwitzer half track
    Give field gun:Get field gun
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