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World Series Baseball 2002 Cheats

  • Albert Belle

    Start a Franchise and go to free agents and Albert Belle is there
    Submitted by None
  • Guess pitch location

    When batting you can guess the location of the pitch by pressing the analog stick in the desired location and pressing the R Trigger. Once the pitch is made, your batting cursor will appear in the location you chose. It will also be about twice as big as the normal batting cursor and you will have added power. The only drawback is that if you guess wrong and have to move the cursor, it will shrink to the size of the baseball.
    Submitted by David K.
  • More Options

    Go to the team select screen and press X to show a hidden options screen
    Submitted by None
  • Bigger cursor

    When hitting before the pitch comes in you tap l and r at the same time 5 times or more to get a HUGE CURSOR. Also before the pitch comes in you can hold down l and r. You will get a 90% for sure base hit
    Submitted by Luke Stankiewicz
  • Running around the field

    Make Sure it's a two player game. Hold down Y while the the person is presses pause and changes their pitcher. The other person is still holding down Y. Unpause it, the person holds down Y without releasing, pick your pitch right away and throw it. Then the person runs way out of the first base line.
    Submitted by Adam Hardester
  • Eric Hijus and Jose Piniero

    In your season or franchise go to free agents and then go to relief pitchers and u can fund find Jose Piniero, the rookie from the Seattle Mariners, and Eric Hiljus, the pitcher for the Oaklan A's- both pretty good rookies, their ratings aren't very good, but they aren't bad at pitching.........
    Submitted by C.J.
  • Infinite Create Points

    Set everything to 0, then leave C.A.P. Then go to edit and put everything up to 100.
    Submitted by Anonymous
  • Restart at Bat

    When you have a runner on base, steal him like normal, and when you make it to the base, press Y. This will cause the hitter to square around a bunt. The game reintroduces the hitter and you receive a new 0-0 count.
    Submitted by Evan
  • Trading Info

    Go to season mode and pick the maximum 30. Now you can control all the trades.
    Submitted by None
  • Game options cheat

    This isn't so much a cheat as it is a little "hidden" option you may not be aware of. During season play, at the screen where you choose which team you wish to play as, press X. An Exhibition options screen will appear and allow to change the difficulty, weather, stadium, choose between day and night, and so on. Tired of playing so many night games? Sick of the same old weather and stadiums? Finding the game to hard or to easy? Then give this a shot.
    Submitted by Scott Herman

World Series Baseball 2002 Hints

  • Hint for HomeRuns

    This isn't a code just a hint. while batting with the settings on PRO and a power hitter up, (EX. Chipper Jones/Mcgwuire/Sosa) you'll see low fast balls, high change ups and the junk pitchs. If you have a 0-2,1-1,1-2,2-2 count you'll have a good chance of seeing a good break curve ball that falls right over the middle of the plate...don't even move the cursor if its a little off, hit it at perfect timing for a homerun! I've gotten plenty of curves/sliders for homeruns without moving the cursor...try it out for yourself if you dont believe me!!
    Submitted by MAGIC

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