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  • Submitted by Carl Batchelor

Wizards and Warriors Cheats

  • Treasure Chests

    Treasure chests are randomly seeded when you open them, so you can save and reload while opening a particularly valuable chest.
    Submitted by Andrew
  • Naughty Vampire in Castle

    If you use the evil element on the vampire in the castle, you'll find out first hand why the game received a Mature ESRB rating.
    Submitted by Andrew

Wizards and Warriors Glitches

  • Another Easy Gold Getter

    Pool gold to one character, then enter a town and then the inn. Pool gold to a different character, then drop and re-add the player who had the gold. Both players now have the pooled gold.
    Submitted by Andrew
  • Increase HP

    Cast Toughen on a character, then enter and leave town to permanently raise hit points.

    Submitted by Andrew
  • Get Lots of Gold

    Okay, get six characters, got to town, pool gold to any player except the first one. Leave town. Go back into town, Go directly to the inn, pool gold to the first player, remove all characters but the first player, then add all players back to the party and pool gold again, your money should double, this will continue to add the same amount of cash until you do something other than this trick, if you go somewhere or buy something you have to start over again. But as long as you remain in the inn and continue to remove characters and add them back, it will work.
    Submitted by Andrew

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