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Winning Eleven 4 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Winning Eleven 4 Cheats

  • Extra Cup

    Finish all the Normal cups to get a bonus cup
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  • Extra Teams

    Finish all the cups and leagues with the hard difficulty setting.
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  • Extra Stadium

    Finish the Konami cups to get the Clubhouse stadium
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  • Skill Tips

    Fake Shoot

    Hold x Button While Shooting
    It also works when dribbling

    Hold the R1 button after the ball is passed 'til it is through between
    your feet

    1-2 pass (Ground)
    Hold L1 + X

    1-2 pass(High)
    Hold L1 + O

    High Through Pass
    Hold L1 + Triangle

    Denilson Move
    Tap L1 Twice

    Lob Goalkeeper
    Hold L1 While Shooting

    Shoot Low (Freekick)
    Hold The Down Button While Shooting
    Submitted by Redondo23

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