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  • Various Cheats

    Put these cheats into the console window
    allammo - Ammo, guns
    amphibious - Breathe Underwater
    completelovol - Finish all levels
    monstervsmonster - Enemey sees you as monster
    god - Invincible
    fly - Fly mode
    walk - Walk mode
    ghost - Walk through walls
    playersonly - Stop Time
    invisible 1 - Be invisible
    invisible 0 - Be visible
    killall - Kill all monsters of a type
    killpawns - Kill all monsters
    say - Send message to other players
    slomo - Gamespeed. Normal is 1.0
    switchcooplevel - Select Coop level
    switchlevel - Change levels
    summon - Get monster of a certain class
    Submitted by Xanthan Darkfall
  • Third Person View

    Press the tilde (~) key to open the console.
    Type 'BEHINDVIEW 1' to activate 3rd person view.
    Type 'BEHINDVIEW 0' to activate 1st person view.
    Submitted by Xanthan Darkfall

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