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Warrior Kings Cheats

  • Save Game Edit

    Open one of your save games with a text editor and look for the Gold, Wood & Food entries. Change their value to 100000 or whatever you want.
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  • Various Cheats

    During gameplay type in a code below. You may have to press ~ to enter the cheats?
    DOYOUSEE - Show map
    MAKEMENAILS - Hard mode
    GIMMEGIMME - Get resources
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  • Unit cheat

    For lots of units you will first have to have lots and lots of food in your global stocks. First you have to pause the game by pressing the P key. You should be able to still move around and select things while the game is paused. Now select a building that can spawn units and select how many units to be trained. Now you should be able to build units beyond the limit.
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  • Free Scouts

    In any of the missions that you find horses you can use them to scout the land and your enemy cant kill them.
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