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Wario Land: Shake It! Hints

  • Wii | Submitted by cheatmaster45


    Rollnrattle: Just wait for him to slam his head down, then pound the sides. After 2 hits, he'll start dropping totems on you. Wait for the blue ones to fall, then get on them and jump up and hit him. Do this twice, and he'll get rid of the plates and summon 2 laser shooting totems. Wait for the lasers to start circling, then jump on one and wait for it to circle up to his head. Ground pound the pink spot. Do this twice and your done.

    Hot Roderick: Punch back the wrenches he throws at you until his engine stops spurting fire. Get up close and start punching his engine. Make sure to get back when he starts revving up again. When his health reaches half, he'll bring his car up onto stilt things. NOw punch back the tires he throws at you. Keep this up and eventually his car will break. Just punch back the broken pieces, then punch him. Done.

    Chortlebot: Use the bars to get up to the head(watch out for his spike nose attack). Damage him twice, and he'll switch attacks. He'll now make a fire ring around him and start trying to bump into you. Again damage him twice to make him switch tactics. This will continue on until he dies.

    Bloomsday: Throw the enemies he spits out right back at him. He'll get stunned, and you ram him. Make sure to jump over the spike attack he uses afterwards. Keep this up until he starts making a thorn wall in front of him. Wait for him to shoot out the scorpion guys. Super punch the ground to shake them up, then pick one up and run to the far side. After he tries to suck you up, he'll get rid of the thorns. Now hit him. After a while, he'll start making thorn walls around you. Get the cannon guy, then jump over the spike guy to the left. He'll try to suck you up, but don't be fooled. He'll soon start trying to blow you back. Dodge the spike guys and don't touch the spikes. He'll get rid of the thorn walls, and then you hit him. Continue this until he falls.

    Large Fry: Wait for him to slam the ground. Pick up one of the bags that falls and start shaking it. Enemies will pop out. Pick one up and throw it into his mouth. He'll spit out a bomb. Throw this into his mouth. He'll blow up and fall down. Now hit him. Continue this until he's gone.

    Shake King: Just wait for him to ram you. Jump on him and he will get stuck in the wall. Ram him like crazy till he comes out. Now you can pick him up and shake him for money. Throw him for crazy damage. He'll smash into the next floor soon enough. Now, whenever you see him glow red, super punch the ground. This will stop him from trowing a crazy big enemy at you. Now you have to jump on him 2 times. Continue this until he smashes into the next floor. After a cutscene, the fight resumes, with all his health restored. Now he stars using lightning against you. Whenever he makes lightning balls in the sky, run in between them. When he uses a laser, run to the side he's going to. Immediately run out of the corner when it stops, cause he'll shoot a much bigger laser afterwards. When he gets to the center, crouch down near the laser to avoid the lightning he shoots wtih it. When he makes the lightning balls that go around the field, dodge them. When he DOES ram you, you have to jump on him all 3 times. Its easier if you ground pound him. Keep this up until he dies.

    Congratulations, you beat the game!=)

Wario Land: Shake It! Unlockables

  • Wii | Submitted by andrew yee

    Post Game Unlockables

    Boss Missions/Revisits - Clear the game once
    Easy Findings For Secret Maps - Clear the game once. Then go to an area with the map symbol on it.