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  • Submitted by Jamal Leyba

War Inc. Cheats

  • Cheat Mode

    Hold down Alt, type war, and release Alt.
    Then type any of the things in column 1.
    Column 2 is what happens when you type them in.
    togglefog-----Makes fog of war dissapear.
    viewmap-------Lets you see the whole map.
    quickbuild----Speeds up the building proccess.
    autowin-------Destroys all enemies.
    wincampaign---Lets you win a single player game.
    moremoney-----Gives you 1 million credits and 1,000 RUs.
    veteran-------Increases a units rank by one.
    showdanger----Shows the danger on you tool map.
    dolemite------Gives a unit increased healing, rapid fire, and makes it faster.
    dogeatdog-double-power output
    combo-quickbuild, moremoney, & godmode
    (Each time you type in a code, you must retype war for another one)
    E-mail me if you have any questions or need tips.
    Submitted by Striker

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