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Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 Cheats

  • Do Opponents Moves

    Get your opponent in a srong grapple (hold A) until your spirit meter flashes SPECIAL then press A + B together.
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  • Win Match Easy

    Go to the left ropes and strong grapple your opponent to throw them out of the ringOnce the other player is down run to the right side of the ring opposite the CPU player and get in the ring. Stay on the apron or the right side of the ring and the CPU will get counted out.
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  • Get Diamond Dallas

    In League Challenge pick WCW and play till you beat Diamond Dallas. He will then be selectable as a character.
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  • Get Macho Man Randy Savage

    Beat NWO in League Challenge Mode
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  • Get Wrath

    Pick DOA and play until you meet and defeat Wrath. He is now pickable as a character.
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  • More Characters

    Using League Challenge, beat all the wrestling leagues. Each league win will get you secret characters. Diamond Dallas, Macho Man Randy Savage, Glacier, Wrath, Joe Brusier and Black Widow.
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