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    Entry location: During the game, press the m key to open the chat dialog box. From there enter the following codes:
    Code Description
    chumpchump Super Chump Mode
    dangerous Full ammo
    dangerous All Wraith weapons
    slick Super lasers, missiles
    dangerous Invincibility, unlimited weapons1
    tuff Invincibility, super weapons1
    dangerous Invincibility, super speed, unlimited weapons (Dangerous Super Chump mode)2
    tuff ass Invincibility, super speed, unlimited and super weapons
    bigmamma Updated citadel guns4
    cheapfoo Cheaper strike and repairs4
    hellacheapfoo Free strike and repairs4
    mo money More troops
    way mo money More power-ups
    warehouse Power units for killing opponent soldiers and tanks

    1. You must already be in "Chump" mode before entering this code.
    2. You must already be in "Super Chump" mode before entering this code.
    3. You must already be in "Dangerous Super Chump" mode before entering this code.
    4. Enter this code after citadel is online.
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