Unreal Championship 2: the Liandri Conflict Cheats

  • Cheat Menu

    For Offline single-player Game only.
    Press start Next hold L + R, and then Press the Black button to bring up cheat menu. Also reported as Hold L + R and press the White button. This will give you access to the following cheats:
    Infinite Health
    Infinite Ammo
    Infinite Adrenaline
    Lock-on Stuns(good for practice)
    Bot Adrenaline
    Number of Bots
    Give me a point
    Submitted by Red101

Unreal Championship 2: the Liandri Conflict Hints

  • Szalor's Coup De Grace

    (xbox live demo)
    freeze you foe. Run up to him/her. you have 15-seconds to do this.
    Press "X" "y" hold "L+R" then press left analog stick "UP" the left analog stick "Down"
    Submitted by Dramhaines
  • Lauren's Coup De Grace

    (xbox live demo)
    freeze your foe. you have 15-seconds to do this. run up to foe and press.
    "X" "Y" left analog stick "left" left analog stick "Right" and then "R"
    Submitted by Dramhaines
  • Anubis's Coup De Grace

    To do Malcom's coup de grace, freeze the enemy (to freeze them, hit them with a few from the Cryo Staff) run up to them and press X, Y, Down, Up, A, L
    Submitted by Dramhaines
  • Malcolm's Coup De Grace

    (This only works for demo)
    freeze your foe. run up to him/her. you have 15-seconds to do this. press "X","Y" left analog stick "Up" "A", "R".
    Submitted by Shaft sanchez
  • Easy Win

    If you want the easiest way to win multiplayer games just use swords, spears, etc... It is alot easier to win without using guns.
    Submitted by drdude500
  • Game Announcements

    These are the announcements the game makes, and why:
    KILLING SPREE- get 3 kills in a row
    DISC JOCKEY- kill at least 10 people with the ripjack
    BRAIN SURGEON- cut off 10 people's heads with a ripjack
    RAMPAGE- go on a 10 people killing spree or 20
    FLAWLESS VICTORY[end of match]- don't get killed during a match
    Submitted by drdude500

Unreal Championship 2: the Liandri Conflict Unlockables

  • Requirements to unlock characters

    Anubis: Complete Ascension Rights ladder to unlock for tournament ladders Note:he is available for networked play from the beginning you just gotta beat the campaign to unlock his tournament ladder.
    Brock: Beat Lauren's tournament ladder
    Devestation: beat rung 14 Ascension Rites
    Gorge: Beat Malcolm's tournament ladder
    Malcolm: Win a match of each game type in networked combat against human opponents (no computer opposition)
    Raiden: Complete al the challenges in Story mode
    Selket: Complete ascension Rite
    Torgr: Complete Szalor's Tournament ladder
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock Bots

    Apophis: Ascension Rites, rung 16
    Calypso: Malcolm ladder, rung 5
    Corrosion: Anubis ladder, rung 2
    Darius: Szalor ladder, rung 3
    Hyena: Ascension Rites, rung 7
    Jackhammer: Arclite ladder, rung 5
    Judas: Sapphire ladder ,rung 4
    Korig: Raptor ladder ,rung 3
    Kraag: Lauren ladder ,rung 3
    Memphis: Brock ladder ,rung 5
    Mirage: Sobek ladder ,rung 5
    Nepthys: Gorge ladder, rung 6
    Syzygy: Devastation ladder, rung 5
    Submitted by MoB Marine
  • Unlock Raiden

    To unlock to thunder god from the mortal kombat series beat all single player challenges. (in other words beat the game)
    Submitted by Dramhaines

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