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Twisted Edge Cheats

  • More Boarders

    Finish first overall in the various difficulty stages of the Competition Mode to earn the hidden boarders Ben, Nieno, Tok, and Boreth.
    Submitted by None
  • More Boards

    To earn the following hidden boards, finish first on all races: XXX6, Top Gear Rally, and Midway.
    To earn the Bucky Board, complete the Stunt Challenge Mode. You can get a Top Gear Rally board by having a custom paint job from Top Gear Rally savesd on a memory pack
    Submitted by None
  • Even More Boards & Tracks

    In order to earn more boards, you have to have the top three places in all difficulties on any level ( will work on all levels ). When you go to hard, there will be a ghost, when you beat the ghost, you will earn another board, then, if you use the board you got for that level ( i.e. you will get '55 on Splash Down ) use that board to beat the ghost, and you will get the mirrored track for that level! There are of course six more boards.
    Submitted by Bronko33
  • Jump Start

    While go is fading press forward, forward to get a jump start-
    Submitted by Darrell May
  • Twisted Mode

    Complete Master Mode
    Submitted by None
  • Get G Character

    Complete Stunt Challenge mode with 28,000 points and a 1st place ranking
    Submitted by None
  • Bob Character and Boss Snowboard

    Finish 1st overall on the mirror course
    Submitted by None
  • Turbo Start

    Immediately after the word GO disappears press UP two times
    Submitted by None
  • Mirror Mode

    Complete Twisted mode
    Submitted by None
  • Be Tiny

    Get medals under each difficulty setting in competition mode
    Submitted by None
  • Many Cheats

    Under the sound options menu you must change the settings like indicated below. Highlight the SFX Vol option then enter the Button combination indicated to enable the cheat
    What you Get Music Vol Speech Music Test SFX Vol Button(s)
    Art boards 5 On 3 1 C-Left + C-Up
    BOSS board 6 Off 4 3 C-Up
    Midway board 8 On 5 4 C-Left
    All players 4 Off 2 1 C-Right + C-Down
    Little Bob (Tiny) 7 On 5 7 L
    Naked Dude (G) 6 Off 6 4 C-Left + C-Right + R
    Easy tracks 7 On 6 2 L
    Normal tracks 3 Off 6 5 R
    Hard tracks 5 On 4 2 Z
    Long credits 2 Off 3 2 C-Up + Z
    Stunt credits 1 On 7 3 C-Down + Z
    Mirror tracks 7 On 6 6 L + R
    Night mode 2 On 5 8 Z + C-Up
    Grow 8 Off 5 7 Z + C-Left
    Ant 1 On 1 6 Z + C-Right
    Board only 7 Off 2 5 Z + C-Down
    Midway mode 2 On 3 4 Z + L
    Light 5 Off 6 1 L + C-Up + C-Left
    Canada 4 On 7 0 Z + C-Up + C-Left
    Ghost 1 4 On 5 6 L + R
    Ghost 2 0 Off 3 8 R + C-Up + C-Down
    Ghost in replay cycle 8 On 7 8 L + R + C-Down
    No Board 0 On 4 8 C-Up + C-Left + C-Right
    Helium 0 Off 1 7 C-Left + C-Up + C-Down
    Submitted by None
  • Master Mode

    Complete the game with the 1st 3 difficulty levels
    Submitted by None

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