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Triple Play 98 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Triple Play 98 Cheats

  • EA Dream Team

    At the team-selection screen press: 1,2,1,2, Ctrl to gain access to team #33 (Electronic Arts' Dream Team)
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  • Underwear Mode

    And to make the Dreamteam play in thier underwear, press 1212 shift control.

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    EA Dream Team : On the Exhibition screen, press L2, R2, L2, R2,Circle. You'll hear a click. Move left with the pad until you reach the 33rdteam which is the Dream Team.
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  • Cheat Stadiums :

    At the Select Stadium screen, press L1, R1, L1, R1,Square. Move to the right of the screen and you'll see three new stadiumsto choose from.The rest of these codes are done while holding the L1+R1+L2+R2buttons simultaneously while in the middle of a game:
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  • Cheat Strikeout :

    X, Down, Circle, Square, Right, Left, Triangle, Up.This forces the next pitch to be a strike out.
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  • Cheat Homerun :

    Up, Triangle, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Down, X.Force next hit to be a home run.
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  • Cheat Weathercomment :

    Circle, X, Circle. Announcers talk about the weather.
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  • Cheat Crowdcheer :

    Down, X, Down, X, Triangle. The Crowd cheers.
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  • Cheat Crowdboo :

    Down, X, Down, X, X. The crowd boos.
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  • Strike Out Trick:

    If you'd like to win this game by really cheap means,then this trick is for you! Start your game, and when the computer opponent is batting, press Start to pause the game and at the Pause Menu, high-light "Select Controllers" and move your controller to the other team.Now take control of the batter and move him all the way down and way tothe side of the box. Now you can either wait for the computer to pitchand just don't swing, or you can take control of your original team and throw some low strikes, which the computer will have a hard time hitting.Either way, you should be able to easily strike out your opponent with ease. Keep doing this throughout the game, and you'll be sure to win.Just make sure you switch back to your original team before the game ends.
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  • Cheat Crowdcomment :

    Square, Circle, Square.Announcers talk about the stadium and crowd.
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  • Cheat Sponsorcomment :

    Triangle, Circle, Triangle. Announcers givesome funny commercials.
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