Top 7 Girls kissing girls in games...

...and nine more of GamesRadar's favourite videos and features

It's a great way to while away a few minutes sat in front of your monitor in a darkened room while half-naked maidens frolick in thesun's raysin the meadows outside your window. You don't want to go out there though, you've got the Internet on and you burn really easily.

1. Top 7 Girl Kissing Girls video
First up, the now legendary and never to be repeated (well, until we find some more) Top 7 Girls Kissing Girls video.

2. Top 10 Banned Videogames
Nextwe bring you the Top 10 Banned Video games of all time - games that upset the censors of certain countriesso much they banished them to the cutting room floor alongside Chimp Orgy 6 and Cannibal Sex Party. See the fulllist here and check whether you own a banned game.

3. Confessions of a game shop worker
Perhaps more shocking was our investigative feature into the sordid activity that goes on behind the scenes in you local game shop. How about, repackaging second games as new for a starter? In an undercover interview our reporters spoke to anonymous game shop employees -read about it here.

4. Mortal Kombat: Six Minutes of Slaughter
This was a labour of love - someone actually had to sit down for about two weeks and play through everyMortal Kombat on every platform and videoall thegoryfatalities. It sounds like a nightmare, and it was. But the result is pretty cool.

5. Formula One Championship Edition: 52 Crashes in 85 Seconds
This video's self-explanatory. It was part of a short-lived series where we played racing games really badly and just crashed into things. It was funny at the time anyway...

Above: This kind of thing goes on all the time at game press launches. It's shameful. Shameful and in a strange way very beautiful.

6. Top 7 press launches for games
One of the games industry's dirty little secrets is it likes to throw fairly extravagant money wastingpress launchesto celebrate the launchof itsgames. In general they involvea combination ofthe following elements: girls, pain, humiliation and drunkeness. We're not proud of what we've done- so here's a confessional feature.

7. 10 worst game intros of all time
It doesn't matter if the rest of the game is Triple A and worth a ten out of ten - if the intro sucks you might never get past the title screen. In this feature we exposed the most downright awful opening sequences in gaming history

8. Real Life GTA locations
When GTA IV was first unveiled, the first thing that struck us was just how amazing Rockstar had recreated the city of New York as the backdrop for everyones favourite crime simulation. In this picture feature we proved just how faithful thetrailer was to the city...

9. Top 7 PR Disasters
This must have upset a few people... we're not sorry though, as this feature ratted out the most heinous public relations crimes to infect the world of games. And you thought Sony's alliwantforxmasisapsp was bad.

10. Sexiest cheats
Let's finishwith a bang - the full uncensored version ofour infamousSexiest Cheats video. Some PC expert digitally undressed a series of game characters so you could see them in the nude. The video is officially banned in America so count yourself lucky if you are over 18 and living in the rest of the more liberal world. To read how to undress them yourself click here. Or just watch below.