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Toe Jam & Earl 3 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Toe Jam & Earl 3 Cheats

  • Get Extra Lives

    Well what u do is play on a one player game and pick up the second controller and push start. It will say add Toejam, Earl or Latisha (Depending on who u r) then what u do is click 1 of them. Then push start and u should have 6 lives. Go 2 the menu where it says Save Game player options sound options ect. and click leave game then it will say remove Toejam Earl or Latisha (Again Depending on who u r and who u joined) pick the player u don't want in the game and the game will remove them then push start and u will have 6 lives do this is many times as u want.
    Submitted by Slash
  • Super Spring Shoes

    Start off the game with Latisha. Then, when you have enough keys go to bunny bash in the grass zone. Come in First place with Latisha and you get Super Spring shoes
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  • Stop Humans Briefly

    If you need to stop the humans for about 2 seconds, press "B" to bring up the present list. Exit out and u will get about a 2 second jump on the humans
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  • Get Random Mode

    Finish any level to unlock it
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  • Get Black Belt

    Get 1st place in the spring gate battle in the urban area
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  • Submitted by None
  • This will give you a black belt

    Put in the code ubad
    Put in the code cdude
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