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TOCA Racing Cheats

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    Entry location: *Enter the following codes on the enter name screen.
    CMCHUN: toggles gokart mode.
    CMGARAGE: grants bonus car.
    CMMICRO: toggles micro machines mode.
    JHAMMO: enables all tracks.
    PATSCREEM: enables TOCA showdown mirrored championship.
    CMLOCK: Disable Tracks
    TANK: Beep horn and shoot other cars
    FLEXMOBILE: Rear wheel drive (better traction)
    CMCOPTER: Helicopter view (one player mode only)
    CMSTARS: Star light background
    CMNOHITS: Disabale collisions
    CMMICRO: Micro machines view
    CMFOLLOW: Film camera view (one player only-camera changes in demonstration mode)
    CMLOGRAV: Low Gravity
    CMTOON: Toon background
    CMRAINUP: Reverse rain
    CMCATDOG: Rains frogs
    CMMAYHEM: Agressive opponents
    CMDISCO: Disco Fog (3DFX only)
    CMHANDY: Larger hands for in car view
    CMIMPOSS: Expert Mode
    CODIES & GONGOGO : Unknown
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