Titanfall 2 - everything we know

Fast Facts

  • Titanfall 2 release date: October 28, 2016
  • Developer: Respawn entertainment
  • Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, and PC

Developer Respawn entertainment will officially drop Titanfall 2 on October 28, giving gamers another chance to parkour across rooftops and jump inside humongous mechs as a skilled Pilot. As we get closer to the release date, developer Respawn has unveiled details on Titanfall 2 and we can already see that the game will be addressing the issues the first Titanfall was criticized for at its launch on the Xbox One. There are gameplay advancements, a revamped story campaign, and more futuristic gadgets to play with in the new multiplayer modes. It's going to be interesting to see what other changes the developer is making to the series from here on out, but we'll most likely need to get a hold of the full release. For now, here's all of the Titanfall 2 information we've gathered together so far. 

Titanfall 2 has a full single-player story campaign 

One of the biggest criticisms of the first Titanfall was the game's disappointing story mode. Instead of having missions built specifically for a single-player, story-driven experience, Titanfall's campaign simply slapped character dialogue over AI matches in multiplayer maps. Players were pretty unsatisfied. For Titanfall 2, it seems that Respawn has decided to create a single-player campaign that will focus on more traditional FPS storytelling. Lead Writer Jesse Stern says that the campaign will be a "vision of grand global colonial warfare, retelling the story of the American Revolution and the American Civil War in space" with a setting that is "grounded, dirty, human, and real." Hopefully, Titanfall 2 will better explain the conflict between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia, two groups who are fighting for resources in the furthest reaches of explored space. Now we might have a reason to pay attention to the NPCs talking in our ears.

The story follows a rookie pilot named Jack Cooper and his newly acquired Vanguard Class BT-7274 Titan (or BT for short). BT's former pilot kicked the bucket and links to Cooper as his robot protector. The pilot and titan's relationship hints at the cooperative gameplay we've seen in games like The Last Guardian, showing BT chucking his pilot buddy across chasms to progress through levels and building their relationship through player-chosen dialogue trees. While the gameplay has elements reminiscent of Call of Duty's set piece mission elements, Titanfall 2 will also have plenty of platforming challenges to overcome, which might provide a nice break from the hectic warzones. 

Multiplayer is back with more modes 

The first Titanfall experimented with AI combatants engaging in battles with players, giving the online matches more of a sense of actual battle (though really just caused you to mistake AI characters for players). In Titanfall 2, the AI characters are only present in select game types like Bounty Hunt, which challenges both player teams to assault AI groups to collect bounties and deposit their collected cash in their team's bank. Other modes like Pilots vs. Pilots bring teams of six players into a map and let them battle it out for kills, AI free.  

There are several Pilot abilities to choose from 

Pilots have customizable loadouts that function much like they do in the original Titanfall. You can of course choose from the typical array of firearms like assault rifles, snipers, heavy machine guns, and titan weapons from the first game, but on top of that, you can select a variety of passive abilities like faster health regeneration and shorter grenade cooldowns. The new tactical abilities range from the versatile grappling hook, holographic copies of yourself, sonar pulse-firing throwing knives, personal cloaking, and speed-boosting stim injections. 

The grapple is one of the most interesting new pieces of equipment. When you shoot it into a wall, titan, or fleshy player it will pull you towards that object, but you don't get pulled directly to that object in spite of gravity and your momentum. The grapple's physics allow you to swing around corners, scale high walls, and perform other Spider-Man-like maneuvers with relative ease, though it will take some practice to be proficient mid firefight. 

The multiplayer’s Titans have changed 

We aren't sure if the original's Strider, Atlas, and Ogre class titans will be making a return in Titanfall 2's multiplayer, but so far there are two new models on the battlefield. The Scorch Titan uses abilities like Firewall, which lays down a line of flames directly in front of you, a projectile-blocking fire shield for defense, and an incendiary trap that drops a gas canister that can engulf a patch of ground in flames with a quick blast from your weapon. The other model, the Ion Titan, has the classic energy shield, a shoulder-mounted laser cannon, and explosive laser tripmines. Rather than be able to customize your weapon loadout with your prefered guns and abilities, it seems players will need to select these premade Titan classes. 

In addition to the titans' basic abilities, you can also charge a core ability. The Scorch Titan's core allows you to slam the ground with the titan's fists, sending out a flaming shockwave directly in front of you. When the Ion Titan's core is fully charged, you can unleash a massive laser beam out of the titan's chest, decimating anything caught in the blast.  

With the addition of the new titans, some of the gameplay mechanics have changed. In the first game, you can rodeo a titan, which means you can jump on an enemy titan's back, rip open an armor panel and shoot it's robot brains until it died. Titanfall 2's rodeos work a bit differently. Now when you jump on a titan's back you rip out a shield battery, which can be used to recharge your own titan's shields. Each subsequent time you rodeo an enemy titan, your pilot will drop a grenade in a small hatch causing significant damage.  

You can join a Network  

Networks are just a fancy name for Titanfall 2's clan system and seem to be easy to use. You can join a Network at any time giving you a list of members that you can connect with, play games with, and enjoy experience-boosting happy hours (the time the clan expects most of its players to be online). When joining or creating a Network, players are able to choose preferences such as a competitive or social focus, private or public groups, and region specific groups so you can find like-minded players.  

It will be released on multiple platforms

Titanfall 2 is dropping its Microsoft exclusivity, which was assumed would happen when the developers started talking about PS4 support for the sequel soon after Titanfall's launch. The sequel will be hitting Xbox One, PS4, and PC giving all gamers on the newest platforms a chance to smash their opponents in a heavily armored, walking tank.  

Titans can use swords

The teaser trailer may have only given us a few seconds of footage from Titanfall 2, but it revealed quite a doozy. We see a smoking drop pod being discovered by a titan and when it comes to a halt, the bipedal mech shoves a sword into the ground. A sword! Titans had melee capabilities in the previous game but in the form of Rock-'em-Sock-'em-robot-style punching. Now it seems players will be able to take close quarter titan combat to a new level. Here's hoping there'll be some sweet execution animations to go with the new blades.

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