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Time Stalkers Cheats

  • Infinite Money

    This will help get rid of your money problems. Go to the hardware store and sell everything you have and you can go to Mr. Noimen and sell your frost ring or what you might have that he buys. After you have sold everything go to the place where you buy tokens and buy as many as you can. Then put them into your VMU. Then you reload your game and you will still have all the stuff you just sold cause you didn't save it and you have the tokens in your VMU the
    worth $50 a piece so then you can keep doing that. With the tokens you can buy really good rings. WHAT EVER YOU DO DON'T SAVE AFTER YOU SELL YOUR STUFF!!!!
    Submitted by Jared Olson
  • Get Cooks

    Defeat all of the dungeons. (Be sure you save it after you defeat the last dungeon.) When you defeat the last dungeon, go get Lady, save it, and then go close the book. Wait for all the credits to end, you will see a movie, after the movie it will ask if you want to save it or not, save it, and load your game back up. Go to your monster house, go to encapsulate monster, and there you will find the name "Cooks" Take him out, and he'll be one of your monsters!
    Submitted by Colten Lindsey
  • BMP Graphics

    Put the cd into a PC compatible CD-Rom player and look in the BMP directory
    Submitted by None

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