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  • Burst Of Speed

    You should have a good car for this. You should at least have a Class 2 car fully upgraded to note the difference in the speed. Go on a huge jump like at the starting of the London track at a good speed. In mid air leave the accelerator. Just as your car hits the track again push the accelerator again. If your timing is right your car should suddenly put on a huge burst of speed.
    Submitted by Uzair Mughal

Test Drive 6 Unlockables

  • Get Stop The Bomber Mode

    Catch all the speeders in the London, Paris, Honk Kong, New York and Rome Tracks or put in your name as RFGTR
    Get Honda Bike
    Put in your name as Honda XR to get the Honda Bike
    Get All Cars
    Put in your name as DFGY
    Get All Tracks
    Put in your name as ERDRTH
    Get Shorter Tracks
    Put in your name as QTFHYF
    Get No Challenges
    Put in your name as OPOIOP
    Get All Challenges
    Put in your name as OPIOP
    Get All Quick Race Tracks
    Put in your name as CVCVBM
    Get No Quick Race Tracks
    Put in your name as OCVCVBM
    Toggle Checkpoint Times
    Put in your name as NOEMIT to enable and FFOEMIT to disable
    Get $$$$
    Put in your name as AKJGQ to get lots of cash
    Submitted by waniedo
  • Get Helicopter

    At Paris go through the dirt track, there you will find a secret path on your right go in the room and there will be an icon that says "You Got It!" drive into it and you will have the helicopter in your garage automatically plus you can use it any where cop chase, tournaments, practice, challenges, ect.
    Submitted by waniedo

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