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Taz: Wanted Cheats, Codes & Guides

Taz: Wanted Cheats

  • See Taz Fall Into Space! (Very Funny)

    Here is how you make taz fall into space. First go to the bank of sameria level in San Francisco. Then you go to the top of the green tower. look to the side where there is little land and beyond it there is nothing but complete empty darkness. Jump off and move Taz toward the dark place. he will go right threw! And then Taz will appear randomly somewhere around that level. That's how you make taz fall into space.
    Submitted by cgamer
  • Get Mini Games Unlocked

    Put in ?BN to unlock the games
    Submitted by None
  • Get Two Player Boss Games

    Put in JC to unlock the games
    Submitted by None
  • Get Level Select

    Put in #OP to unlock the games
    Submitted by None
  • Get No Whack in Boxes

    Put in !WB to unlock the games
    Submitted by None
  • Shopping Cart Fun

    Go to looning Dales in Sam Francisco. Go into the place where there are two shopping carts (in the room with the wanted poster and the cash registers) jump on the cart and right where there's a little indent dipping down to the floor in between the register and the other shopping cart, go as fast as you can and hit the indent head on (this might take a couple of tries) When you are out of the register part, you can ride them around wherever you want in the store. It's fun to ride around and easier to destroy the posters.
    Submitted by Allen
  • Elephant pong

    When you have all of the first levels complete. you will have an inner tube, a snow blower, and an elephant. you will have to play elephant pong by scaring an elephant. never let him get to close to you because he will squish you. You need to get three goals too win
    Submitted by None
  • Special levels

    Get all of the sandwiches to unlock a special level.
    Submitted by None
  • How to get the sam statue at construction site

    When you are at San Francisco go to the construction site at a certain level there will be a dead end. So go to the red thing and there will be bubble gum eat it and go to the yellow thing there will be a rope go down the rope and push the thing on the nitro and it will blow up something and the wood will make a path go find the path and go on the wood and on the other side there will be the sam statue. there will be a jukebox so be careful)
    Submitted by Nick
  • Sam Statue At Mall

    Go down the vacant escalator, and up the ramp.Go up the stairs,and find the bowling room.Start to spin,and avoid the balls.Go to the end,and destroy the pins.Once inside,start to spin,and hit the lever.A litte movie will start,go to the to area and go up stairs.Hop on to the train,and don't jump off until you get the statue.
    Submitted by None

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